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View the Adopted Plan here.

View the Future Land Use Map here.

A Comprehensive Plan is a tool used for guiding the growth and redevelopment of the county as well as preservation of natural features and rural character. It is built off the work of previous planning efforts that occur in and around the county, as well current research, engagement efforts, and coordination between the various agencies, organizations, boards, and other growth drivers and decision makers in the County and its various municipalities. This page will be regularly updated to include materials produced and feedback received during the planning process. Check back after meetings for recordings, presentations, and other materials that are publically available. 

Community Profile 

The project team has been analyzing the existing conditions in Pitt County. View the Community Profile here. 

Stakeholder Meetings 

Stakeholder meetings were held at Alice F. Keene District Park on April 28. One hour sessions were held with multiple stakeholders with various backgrounds. View the summary here

Community Survey 

The community survey closed on July 19, 2022. You can review the final results here.  

Public Meetings

The first round of Public Meetings were held at high schools around the county from May 19th to June 9th, 2022. Informational boards detailing the existing conditions and context of the county were drafted for these meetings. These boards can be viewed hereA summary of these meetings can be reviewed here.

The Fall Public Meetings were held on November 29, 2022, and December 1, 2022, from 5 pm - 7 pm. The November 29th public meeting was at the Community Schools & Recreation Building in Greenville. The December 1st public meeting was at North Pitt High School in Bethel. The draft plan presentation can be viewed here and the boards and draft recommendations can be viewed here. Notes from these meetings are still being compiled for a summary of the feedback heard. Comments on the recommendations can be submitted here.

Steering Committee Meetings

There have been three Steering Committee Meetings. The presentations from these meeting can be found to the right by hovering on the date.  

Reference Materials


Steering Committee 1
March 16, 2022


Steering Committee 2
July 20, 2022


Steering Committee 2
October 19, 2022
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