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Get Involved

Extensive public participation is a key component of any planning process, and we want to hear from you throughout the development of the Pitt County Comprehensive  Plan. Your thoughts, ideas, and participation are vital for the success of this effort. Over the course of the project, we will host several public meetings where we will ask for your input and feedback on the Plan as it is developed. Details on how and when you can get involved will be posted here and results from these events will be shared on the Resources page.

Fall Public Meetings

The second round of Public Meetings was scheduled for after Thanksgiving. The first was held on 11/29 at the Community Schools Building and the second was on 12/1 at North Pitt High School. Both meetings were from 5-7 pm and included a short presentation. Before and after the presentations, guests had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on draft recommendations. 


Summer Public Meetings

Four Public Meetings have been held at high schools around the county on May 19th, June 1, June 2, and June 9th, 2022. Informational boards detailing the existing conditions and context of the county were drafted for these meetings. These boards can be viewed here. A summary of feedback received from these meetings can be found under the resources tab. 

Project Survey

The project survey closed on July 19, 2022. Please see the preliminary results on the Resources page

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